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Most Charitable Celebrities of 2013:

"Coming in just behind Swift at Number Two in the rankings, One Direction got props for raising more than $3 million through their single for the British charity Comic Relief, as well as raising more than $800,000 for cancer research."

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“I worry about being seen as a bad person. Everyone makes mistakes, but when you’re famous it’s plastered everywhere. I don’t quite know how to deal with everything yet. I want to be open, but I’m still learning about how open I can be and who I can trust totally.”   — Zayn Malik

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"It’s a romantic song for all those candle light dinners" - about You & I

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hello friends

this is my second follow forever thingy but i’m not gonna call it that bc forever is a long time so this is just a list of my favourite 1d related blogs/people (if you’re not on here that’s bc i follow too many people and didn’t want to make this 800 urls long ok so come talk to me and you might see yourself on the next one!! (also if you’re a non-1d blog you’re probs not on here but it doesn’t mean you’re not one of my favourites i just love too many of you to name))

bold = pals (i hope????) and italics = faves

mutuals i’m a lil in love with:

a ~ f: aithenaaged16altai-princessanarchymademeantiharryarielrebekahassvvipebcttomliambeachyhousebioterroristsboyblandboysbanderbranstarkcalumhoodofficiallcocainemalikcroptoploudimpledlouisdirtsbagdrunkonhazandlouduhstagramdylansmole ☆ embroficelouvator ☆ fi0nastyles ☆ fincher fivestyles

g ~ k: gardenlouisgenderfreeharrygirlwiththeteagoonsacgrimshowbothapppilyharryedweirdoharryismysugardaddyharrypotylesharrysdragonsharryspankmeharrythehobohaveyouquitefinishedharryhayleuheartprintharryheckitygirlhellazaynhotcrocsj4ya jensenstyles juhvaadjusthugharrykindofamazing 

l ~ o: larrystylnsonlesbian-harryliampaypalliamstwinklickitunginglimpnudelionboylouislouiscutelinsonlouisdamntomlinsonlouisdrfclouisinaheadband louisinburberry louisincakelouisinpantieslouisisloudlouisisthedaddylouiswithbabiesloutomlinsonsluminoriousmattfrickinhealymattyhealysmatzoballermissyslaylliottnialllhoranofgettingstuckollymurmaid

p ~ s: perfectsixespiratemalikpixieandcurlypleaseharrrypoprocklouispopunklouispovverbottomspr0jectfreetvpropergoodlikeraspharreh richwhiteboysrimharryschoolgirlharrysheerenslyshadesocomicallygayspankingkink stopstylesquiffstupidstagramstylesfirestylesforstilesstylinsmut stylinsweetsubspacelouissugarbabyharrysweaterpawz

t ~ #: teacupchipmunktelesvisiontextbookwattagethegrimshackthumbloulina thrustonmooretiedshipstomlincandytomnomlinsonvanpireweekendvvhimperingvvhitehouseweedjoke420 weyheylywilliamswolverhamtunwreckingzouiszaynandrihannazaynandthepussyziallauzouweemamazoynmolok100percentsassy

other people/blogs i adore:

caramelfringe cocoalou femiharry genderfluidharry harryhickey hazmesentir hisramoneshirt kindofsharethat laughingcrying loaded-gunn louisbeckham lourrye niazkillem quitefinished samegig seancodydirection starseas supernope thatwrongthing triharrytops yetistyles zarah5

thank you for being rad and making every day 200% better i love u all

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•Anonymous• assumption: you're a cutie!

no but thank u heheh

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