When someone threw their hotel room key on stage (x)

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Things that I like of Zayn: he’s cute with fans

@zaynmalik: Can’t get over you guys. Don’t get how much you amaze me. Thank you for everything, you truly are the best fans in the world. Love you all x

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Nothing can come between you & i …

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Go Girl

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I used to be so funny and nice and now I’m just a dick to everyone and I rant about my life problems like ew who wants to follow some1 like that so from now on if I’m being rude or ranting or feeling sorry for myself pls inbox me and remind me to like not

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dont trust anyone who doesnt find zayn attractive

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when me and zayn are together we’ll wake up at 6pm everyday and watch movies and i’ll show him tumblr stuff and we’ll laugh and be lazy all day and eat junk food and then we’ll chase each other around the house, then have sex and then we’ll play video games and we’ll sleep at 4am u feel me

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